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10 million trees are cut down every year for toilet paper. We think that’s roughly 10 million too many. Especially at a time when we need trees now more than ever. That’s why we started Serious Tissues. Made from 100% recycled paper. From office reports that no one really looked at and celebrity gossip mags tossed in the recycling. Possibly even from a few bits of artwork sent home from nursery. All the stuff that would have been chucked otherwise. 

Finally, we’re made right here in the UK. So no shipping from halfway around the world and while we’re at it no individual wrapping, no plastic, no dyes, perfumes, no unnecessary chemicals. So now you can save the world from your toilet seat. Seriously.

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UK based.
No plastic.
Plant a tree with every roll.

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Did you know?

They plant a tree for every roll sold. So not only do Serious Tissues reduce your carbon footprint, save trees, and shrink landfills, they also help with reforestation.

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