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Bare Bar brings you 100% Natural Soap Bars inspired by Wild, Rugged Nature. Each scent will take you on an aromatherapeutic journey through a New Growth Pine Forest or up a mountain in the height of Spring. Bare Bar is on a mission to reduce plastic consumption within our bathrooms & also make people question what they are actually showering with, as many mass-produced Soaps & Gels are packed with nasty chemical ingredients.

Every one of our products are handmade using the finest Natural Saponified Oils & Butters with unique original curated scents by combining high-quality Essential Oils. Start your Natural Soap journey today...

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Made in UK.

Did you know?

Their soap is made using an age-old technique called Cold Process. This is carried out by gently combining Natural Oils together, adding the magic ingredient Lye begins the saponification process. After 24 Hours we then cut our Bars & then crucially let them cure for 6 weeks, this guarantees a great lather that our customers love.

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They are assessed across important criteria surrounding environmental, social and governance issues.

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