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Founded in 2012, Pact Coffee was created to change people’s minds about coffee. We think about it like wine, not flour - it’s a cupboard staple, but one that’s infinitely better if it’s been lovingly grown and expertly processed. We want the UK to realise that. Because everyone deserves a truly quality cup of coffee.

Pact Coffee goes straight to the source in search of the world’s best beans, pays coffee farmers the prices they deserve, and builds sustainable relationships with coffee-growing communities worldwide.

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Did you know?

At Pact, they go straight to the source, develop long-term relationships with farmers and purchase coffee directly.  Their direct trade model enables the growers they work with to improve and grow their livelihoods while receiving premium prices for premium coffee. They pay a minimum of 25% above the Fairtrade base price - $1.75 per lb of green (pre-roasted) coffee. In most cases, they pay in excess of this.

How we pick our brands

We hand select brands!

Every partner must complete our "Sustainability Criteria". Our partners must reach a certain score to ensure they are suitable match for the platform and to meet your needs.

They are assessed across important criteria surrounding environmental, social and governance issues.

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