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Dash joins the global movement of people and companies using business as a force for good. They infuse their super tasty waters with real, wonky fruit. That’s bent, crushed, curved, knobbly, misshapen fruit which others say no to. By accepting the misfits we are helping to reduce food waste.

40% of fruits and veg grown in the UK are going to waste, it’s a seriously frightening statistic for a serious problem that needs to be at the forefront of our minds when we choose what we eat and drink.

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Wonky Fruit.

Did you know?

They have saved over 145 tonnes of wonky fruit and veg in 2020 and officially became a certified member of the B Corp community - meeting high standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Dash uses only fully recyclable aluminum and our online delivery service is carbon neutral, offsetting carbon emissions via planting up woodland with Trees For Cities

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We hand select brands!

Every partner must complete our "Sustainability Criteria". Our partners must reach a certain score to ensure they are suitable match for the platform and to meet your needs.

They are assessed across important criteria surrounding environmental, social and governance issues.

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