We like to reduce waste in innovative ways.

We are a collective of like-minded individuals striving to do more for the people and the planet.

We target businesses, communities and global agendas to help achieve our ultimate vision. We give back 10% of our profits to help fund our giving back schemes.

With your help we are going to achieve even more. Check out some of our great projects coming up.

20,000 Cup Challenge

Turtle in clean ocean

20,000 plastic cups swapped to compostable cups during the 2021 summer. We are working alongside WestBeach and Biopak to help keep our local beaches clean whilst reducing single use plastic.

Bournemouth University Cig Bins + Recycling

WE NEED YOUR HELP - We realise that cig butts are a massive problem. Let's try and engage our wasters.

Each year, about 5.6 trillion cigarette filters are manufactured worldwide with a filter made of cellulose acetate. Unfortunately, sixty-six percent of all smoked cigarettes are irresponsibly dumped everywhere, and a large majority end up in the world's oceans.

Cigarette butts leak toxins that contaminate water and harm marine life and the environment. They have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds, whales and other marine creatures, who mistake them for food. 

We are working in the background to make this dream a reality, we have so far been in touch with BCP council and Bournemouth University to get the necessary things in motion, we still have a way to go, but with your help we are going to start tackling this issue in a different way.

Gaia Beach Cleans

Bournemouth Beach

We know the importance of keeping our beaches clean, being lucky enough to be born in the south of England in Bournemouth. We are getting involved with the #OnlyLeaveFootPrints campaign and are organising beach cleans, with help of our trusted partners :)

Creating Tomorrow's Forest

chris and nick tomorrows forest

We plant trees here in the UK as well with our partners Tomorrows Forest, where we have our very own Gaia Forest - we are fundraising this project through many giving back campaigns - keep your eyes peeled for more info 👀

We also help businesses become more sustainable through a variety of methods, we utilize tomorrow's forest to help offset some of their carbon footprints.

Dorset Recycling Bins

Through the 20,000 cup challenge we will be trialing one Gaia bin in aid in our mission of reducing single use plastic over the 2021 summer.

Our Mission: To reduce waste on our award winning beautiful coastline
Our Goal: To prove one compostable bin set up via our partners BioPak + Westbeach
Our Aim: To establish 32 recycling bins for public use from Sandbanks to Heingsbury head