Gaia Membership

The feel good way to save

Gaia Card is the UKs first wooden membership card.

We hand-select the best brands, securing you the best deals too! That way you know you're always supporting your local community, your pocket and the planet.

How it works

  • Sign up and receive a unique wooden Gaia Card, it’s yours for life
  • Get up to 50% off at restaurants, coffee shops, health & beauty brands, nutrition & fitness brands, physios & chiropractors, outdoor activities and much more..
  • All offers and deals are available 7 days a week
  • We plant 5 trees a month with your membership through a gold standard charity Eden Reforestation
  • Claim your offer or deal by showing your wooden/digital Gaia card
  • Digital codes for online brands will be shown on each partner page once you selected your plan
  • 10% of your membership goes back into our giving back projects so you always know you’re supporting a good cause

Quick Maths

5 days a week
At an UK average price of £2.44 per coffee, with a 20% OFF Gaia discount
Over the month you save £9.76
Over the year £117.12
This could buy you an extra 48 coffees

Gaia starts at £4.49 a month

This is just 1 benefit of Gaia.

Grow your own forest

It takes on average 9 trees to sustain 1 human being - start to reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting your daily activities.

Check out the Forest or get involved with our Giving Back Projects.

About the card

The cards are made from either birch, cherry or bamboo and are crafted from real sustainably sourced wood. The wood is naturally imperfect with variations in knots, grains and tones making each GAIA card unique.

To help try and mitigate deforestation, the card you receive will be yours to keep throughout your time at GAIA. This helps us lower unnecessary manufacturing, delivery and packaging emissions each year. We also plant 5 trees a month as part of your membership with us. Your GAIA card is also NFC enabled; the NFC is a small antenna made of aluminum placed inside the card which enables the link between the phone and your card.*

We incentivise our members to use their digital card. They have to request to have a physical card sent. In the near future we will be aiming to go full digital.