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Say Chease UK was born as a rich and healthy solution for all those who love good cheese without animal suffering and sharing with our customers the passion for healthy eating, sustainability and healthy lifestyle.

Due to their vegetable origin, the main base composition of chease is 88.9% nuts, 71.1% cashews which are heart-healthy fats and vegetable protein and 17.8% almonds, the highest in calcium of all nuts with a high fibre and vitamin E content. We also add probiotics which are good for our health as they help to balance the friendly bacteria in our digestive system and it is a fermented food that helps to improve our digestions and make them lighter. It contains no lactose, gluten, preservatives or artificial flavourings.
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  • Vegan & plant-based cheases

Vegan Cheese.

High Protein Source

Naturally smoked Chease.

How we pick our brands

We hand select brands!

Every partner must complete our "Sustainability Criteria". Our partners must reach a certain score to ensure they are suitable match for the platform and to meet your needs.

They are assessed across important criteria surrounding environmental, social and governance issues.

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