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Carey's Secret Garden opened its gate to the public on the 7th of May 2021. This wild, walled Victorian 'secret garden' was rediscovered in 2019 and has undergone extensive restoration to re-imagine the gardens for a modern age. 

Carey's Secret Garden is a welcoming space that aims to inspire a return to nature. Created with expertise in Rewilding, Permaculture, and Natural Gardening, Carey is open to an intimate number of visitors due to its unique habitat and sensitive wildlife projects. Visitors can expect to see a young and exciting space that they can return to enjoy seeing it grow over the coming years.

In addition Carey's Secret Garden also has a partnership with a local restaurant, the Salt Pig, with a very special ‘Secret Salt Pig’ serving refreshments to enjoy in the gardens served from the old ‘Tatty store’, a Victorian potato store selling zero waste pot plants and fresh-cut flowers alongside vegetarian dishes and drinks. 

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They also sell plants in compostable pots in the Garden and grow local vegetables and fruit which are also available for sale!

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