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In short, the world stinks. And a lot of it’s our fault.

But can still make choices to help. Take actions to heal. And do stuff to make a difference. To actively unstink our world.
Let’s be really honest though. We ain’t going to change the world or ‘save it’ on our own. We just make perfume ffs.
But it’s bloody good perfume. Hand-sourced and hand-made, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, using pure essential oils and
essences. Not some cheap chemical goop churned out in sterile, soulless factories.

We work closely with the indigenous communities from where we personally source our ingredients. They’re the guardians of the
world’s precious ecosystems and protect 80% of its biodiversity. So we support them by reinvesting in regeneration projects from
the scorched and scarred lansdscape of Somaliland to the threatened and violated Amazonian rainforest.

So, you see, we can challenge the ‘norm’. The norm of a bloated $40 billion fragrance industry. The norm of exploitation. The norm
of profit at all cost.

And you know what? Maybe, just maybe, we can actually do some good - and help rebalance the relationship between humankind
and the natural world at the same time.

Which is a hell of a lot more than most are doing.