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We’d all like to reduce the amount of single-use plastic and packaging waste in our shopping, but finding ways to do that which aren’t costly, complicated or time-consuming can be difficult.

At inn, we’re trying to solve that problem. We’re an online zero-waste shopping and refill service. We offer great quality products at affordable prices with the convenience of an online supermarket, but without the single-use plastic.

With inn, you can shop responsibly sourced groceries and eco-friendly cleaning products, and have them delivered to your door in sustainable, reusable packaging. When you’re running low, we deliver refills and pick up your empty packaging, clean it and reuse it. Our closed-loop service means no packaging ends up in the landfill or the oceans, so you can feel good about your shopping and the environment.

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Location: London, UK

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What's included

What's included:

  • 5% off monthly subscription

  • Deal available 7 days a week

  • Zero waste philosophy

How we pick our brands

We hand select brands!

Every partner must complete our "Sustainability Criteria". Our partners must reach a certain score to ensure they are suitable match for the platform and to meet your needs.

They are assessed across important criteria surrounding environmental, social and governance issues.

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How we pick our brands